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Torrot S12 Electric Kids Supermoto


Year: 2018
Colour: Blue / White
Price: £1899
Designed with the best guarantees for a gradual learning, the S range is perfect for boys and girls between 3 and 9 y.o.. The Supermoto offers young pilots a powerful tool to have fun so that their first experience with speed is 100% real. Equipped with great rubbers, it offers the necessary power, stability and speed so that those first onroad steps (closed circuit) are the beginning of something big! Features Great way to learn basics Customised for ages 6 to 9 Online maintenance manual 2 Year(1 Year for battery) Warranty Environmentally friendly and quiet, the future of off-road Programmable output from 600w to 1500w LiMnCo lithium battery Top Speed 52km/h Power and control The S12 is a little beast: adjustable power 600W to 1500W which convert it in the perfect training and evolution machine for kids between 6 and 9 y.o. The lithium battery guarantees a greater power and for more hours. PRO quality Every constructive and functional detail has been designed to protect the pilot to the max, while keeping the architecture of a true Supermoto bike. In addition the S12 has a similar configuration to any competition bike. Gradual learning The S12 offers features of a motorcycle with a higher cylinder capacity, and it should always be supervised by the pilot’s parent or guardian. It has a manual activation switch to regulate the power 50% or 100% without having to connect the USB to the computer to choose the specific programme.

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