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Torrot T12 Kids Electric Trials


Year: 2018
Colour: Blue / White
Price: £1750
This little “toy” will delight parents and children alike. It has been designed with the utmost safety guarantees for gradual learning. The T12 series is the outcome of the most genuine experience: created with excellence by trial amateurs and professionals. The T12 range has the best components-design-features ratio on the market. There is nothing else remotely comparable to it available. Power and control The Torrot T12 series is a little beast: adjustable power from 600 W to 1,500 W (with three maps programmable from your computer) which effectively impels the T12’s chassis and suspension around the most difficult trails. The lithium battery offers constant power for more hours. PRO quality Every constructive and functional detail has been designed to protect the pilot to the max, while keeping the architecture of a true trial bike so the child’s first contact is real. It comes equipped with outstanding components and specific trial tyres Gradual learning The T12 offers the features of a motorcycle with a higher cylinder capacity, and it should always be supervised by the pilot’s parent or guardian. It has a manual activation switch to regulate the power at 50% or 100% without having to connect the USB to the computer to choose the specific programme. The best components for the maximum evolution! Front fork and suspension by the Italian firm EBR, trial tyres, Torrot engine and programmable controller, powerful lithium battery, ABS plastics, chrome-molybdenum chassis and its aluminium swing-arm with hydraulic mono-muffler speak volumes about our T12. The T12 is the best choice for children who are being initiated into this world with the goal of becoming professionals, or for families with a true tradition in trial. The T12 series is positioned far above the other options with electric motors. Don’t you want the best for your future champion?

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